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Statewide Grade 8 ELA Test Dates - 16-17 year old driver exam prerequisite

                                        Statewide Grade 8 – ELA Test Dates White Rock School

Notice is hereby provided that anyone under 18 years of age wishing to apply for a driver’s license or permit must earn a proficient score on the statewide Grade 8 ELA test or on one of the state-approved alternative tests. School districts are required to administer alternative tests to any student within their district boundaries, regardless of enrollment, at least four times per year. White Rock School will offer the Statewide Grade 8 – ELA Test and/or a State-approved Alternative test upon request, during the following months of the year:

                    TEST MONTH                        FINAL DATE TO REQUEST TO BE TESTED

                     * January                               * December 15th

                     * April                                     * March 15th

                     * July                                      * June 15th

                     * October                                * September 15th

Please contact Mrs. Alicia Ebers at White Rock School no later than the 15th of the month preceding the month you wish to be tested.  Phone: 405-964-3428.  Email: